In the wake of the controversy caused by the shirt worn by European Space Agency’s Matt Taylor during an interview after his mission’s success, levitra hundreds of young girls have abandoned all dreams of becoming an astronaut or scientist and instead have decided to become militant feminists. In this exclusive report, the Turbine will get down to the nub of the controversial topic and see just how negative an effect this man’s garment had.

For those who did not see the most recent step man took in astrological scientific progress, the European Space Agency recently coordinated the landing of a probe called Philae on a comet in outer space. This mission required at least ten years of preparation and the kind of mathematics that is the reason why the Turbine’s writer is studying History. However, the post-landing interview saw a tidal wave of hatred for the garment worn by Dr. Matt Taylor, one of the scientists behind the project. The feminist protesters believed that Taylor’s shirt would drive young women away from the fields of Science and Engineering, even at a very young age.

To investigate this, we secured an interview with Chloe, (9), who’s favourite subject in school is “Space”, had originally harboured a deep desire to be an astronaut. She explained “I really want to be an astronaut and go up to a big rocket and walk on Pluto”. However, she felt the underlying psychological effects of seeing a man who should be seen as a role model in such a garish shirt have turned her away from her goal. She said “The problems with the shirt are many and varied, as it particularly highlights the overwhelming stigma attached too women who seek to progress in any of the S.T.E.M. subjects. If women are to be objectified on such a shirt, what is to say that they won’t be treated as such in their chosen profession?” Chloe then demanded we give her a hot chocolate and buy her a toy.

Matt Taylor did apologise for wearing the shirt, as the impression given was it offended both the entire female gender and the fashion police in one fell simultaneous swoop. Shirt-gate comes in the wake of a general rise in the rates of female students who are taking Science courses in College ( but it is still encouraging to see the fight for female equality scoring this excellent victory over one man and his shirt.


– Andrew Dorman