The Trinity College Historical Society (The Hist) have cancelled an address by world-renowned professor Richard Dawkins, following the emergence of a number of controversial opinions he has previously expressed on evolution. The decision has been praised unilaterally by students and the wider academic community.

Dawkins is also known for his critique of religion, arguing that religious claims, particularly those surrounding creationism and intelligent design, should be treated as scientific hypotheses.

He has been equally critical of radical claims made in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism, pointing out that in the absence of material evidence, these belief systems hold no validity. Dawkins has played an instrumental role in the secularisation of politics and democracy has greatly benefitted as a result.

Dawkins rose to prominence in the academic world for his defence of the gene’s eye view of evolution. We’re not really sure what that means, or what the significance of it has been, but we’re pretty sure it’s not that important. Dawkins also wrote a book for children called The Selfish Giant, about a giant who lets children play in his garden to prevent an eternal winter. Sounds like he’s not too big on the idea of climate change!

A representative from The Hist issued the following statement on the decision to cancel his appearance: “We didn’t know who Richard Dawking was when we invited him to address our society. When we found out that he believes in ev*ltion, we realised we had to cancel his appearance”. They added “all this stuff about natural selection and random mutations… it just doesn’t seem likely” before reciting the Apostles’ Creed.

Congo Jack – Group Selection Believer