On July 11th 2013, viagra Frederator Studios, there the animation company behind the cult shows Fairy Odd Parents and Adventure Time, sales  released a ten minute animated short called Bee and PuppyCat last yearThe show features the life of Bee, a young woman adjusting to her newfound life of independence, living on her own and desperately seeking employment. She crosses paths with PuppyCat, a feline-like creature with the ability to traverse different dimensions of time and space, which forms the basis for their adventures together. The short was released as a pilot for what could become a complete animated series, but required crowd sourced funding on Kickstarter to become a reality. This November marked the success of Frederator’s Kickstarter campaign with the premiere of the show on the CartoonHangover website.

The show is the creative vision of Natasha Allegri, a well-known character designer and storyboard revisionist on Adventure Time. Frederator featured Bee and PuppyCat on Kickstarter, an online crowd funding platform which allows people to discover and support projects of all different types;  Art, Fashion, Music, Technology, Film, Games etc. The campaign has been a resounding success with a total of $872,133 pledged out of its initial $600,000 goal with a total of 18,209 backers. A large part of the show’s popularity rests on Allegri’s characterisation and popularity of Bee and Cass, the complex female characters at the core of the show.

Fred Seibert, Executive Producer of Bee and Puppycat and CEO of Frederator Studios, has been a proponent for animation created by women and created for a female viewership. Seibert believes that this Kickstarter project is the best way to “preserve the creator’s artistic vision”. Similarly, in an interview this year he stated that”The Internet provides an outlet for people who can’t get their material seen in traditional places and opens up new creative avenues and new creative audiences, just like cable did to broadcasting.”

Allegri’s Bee and PuppyCat is a refreshing new form of animation that has slowly become a hit on youtube, the pilot episode now amassing over five million views. Even though there is only currently three episodes created, there is an undeniably strong reaction from the fans. The show has spawned a Bee and PuppyCat sub-Reddit, countless Tumblr pages, fan art, cosplay and discussion boards. Bee and PuppyCat is a Kickstarter success story. It shows how the viewers can directly support their shows and enable companies like Frederator to create original content and to share it on the internet for new audiences to discover. Frederator is set to release seven more Bee and Puppycat episodes in 2015.

Written by Benjamin Hartnett