Student life is arguably the most important thing about attending University. Whether it has been going out for a few with the lads, or doing a line of something off someone, we will surely look back on these moments as the high-points of our education. But don’t take my word for it: studies have shown that 87% of college dropouts excessively viewed drinking as the number one high point of their college life. What’s not to love about that?

Following the latest Covid-19 restrictions which make night-drinking more challenging, we have compiled a list of the top five locations on campus to day-drink at so you can maximise your college experience!

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is the beloved campus bar where you can go for a fresh, cool drink between classes and even get an excellent meal alongside it. Classy, great value, and now with complimentary table service in line with current government restrictions, The Clubhouse is a classic choice for students.

Student Residences

There’s nothing better than getting to know your classmates than a laid-back, chilled out sesh. Unfortunately, with the current Covid-19 restrictions, this isn’t really an option, but once the country is back up-and-running again, this will be another old school choice for students looking to have a good time.

The Newman Tunnels

This one is perfect for arts and humanities students- not only is it just under where your lectures are held, but it will allow any fans of Dostoyevsky and Osamu Dazai to experience a partial (or permanent) loss of sanity. Cold, dark and mysterious, the Newman tunnels are the perfect location for going over the edge (figuratively and literally).

Suntherland School of Law bathroom

Alcohol wouldn’t be the worst psychoactive substance that is regularly consumed in here. Why not?

The Secret Lake

All joking aside please stop drinking here.

Congo Jack – Recovering alcoholic