physician serif;”>Hayley Maher looks at how you can be healthy in college

sale serif;”>Being healthy in college can be hard. Students know how difficult trying to eat properly is when you’re running to lecture halls and trying to fit a part time job in with being involved in societies. Getting your five a day is crucial, see however, to keeping both your mind and body fit and healthy.

Breakfast is one meal where you can easily add fruit and veg to your diet. If you’re having cereal, add some sliced banana or a handful of berries. If you like a hot breakfast, try scrambled eggs and add mushrooms or tomatoes. If you never have time for food in the morning, pick up a banana to keep you going until lunch or maybe buy a readymade smoothie.



Lunch can be a tricky one, especially when you’re tempted by the lovely smell of chips wafting out from the restaurant. But why not try the vegetarian option or maybe a stir-fry loaded with loads of tasty delicious vegetables? Even if you go for a carvery option, fill your plate with vegetables. There’s always the salad bar, where you can load up on tasty veggies and salads. If you’re getting a pizza from Centra, ask for peppers and mushrooms and onions as toppings and you’re contributing towards your five a day. Soup is available all over campus and is another great lunch choice.

If you are looking for snacks, instead of reaching for a bag of crisps get an apple, which seem to be cheapest in the SU shop at 50c. Or the night before college, put together a fruit salad from whatever fruit is lying around and bring it with you.

For dinner, try adding fruit and vegetables to your favourite meals. Add chopped carrots to bolognese sauce, sprinkle chopped red peppers on your pasta, or mix some veg into mashed potato. Add tomatoes to your omelette, or mushrooms to your next stir-fry. If you ever make too much food, put it in the fridge and bring it to college the next day for lunch.