It’s no secret that the world of fashion blogging has risen meteorically in the last number of years, treat introducing to our bookmark tabs link after link to the beautifully honed blogs and websites of many talented men and women. In particular, Irish bloggers and their flair for fashion are gaining international recognition and making true, modern fashionistas out of the guys and gals who started out with only their laptop, an idea, and Instagram.

Kerry native Erika Fox is one such lady; her fashion blog Retro Flame has become immensely popular both at home and abroad and it’s easy to see why. Beautiful photography, stunning clothing and elegant prose make Erika’s blog worth a visit, and her Instagram account (@retroflame) will leave you green with envy in the nicest possible way, and possibly craving a frothy cappuccino!


      Erika’s blogging success largely lies within the gorgeous outfits she pulls together, incorporating vintage pieces and modern, trendy elements to create a unique yet classic aesthetic. With a penchant for hats, heels and on-point accessories, it’s no wonder she’s become one of Ireland’s leading fashion bloggers. Speaking to the College Tribune about her fashion influences, Erika told us  that ‘at the moment, living in New York is my biggest inspiration. Everywhere I go, there is inspiration to be found. My favourite area for style inspiration is Soho – I always come away with ideas. As well as this, I’m also a big Pinterest fan’. However, you don’t need to live in the Big Apple to create a unique yet stylish wardrobe: ‘My main tip would be to invest in really good basics. If you have the right staple pieces, the rest is easy. Each season, invest in some black items and I guarantee it will make your life a lot easier’.

Like thousands of other young Irish, Erika has found herself drawn to the other side of the pond to make a career for herself but her experience has definitely been on the more glamorous side, with experience in fashion PR with Whitney Port, marketing with Refinery 29 and even a stint with fashion genius Olivia Palermo. For Erika, pursuing and maintaining her blog has been key to her career thus far; ‘A blog shows that you have dedication and that you’re willing to stick at something, so by blogging for over three years now, it has definitely opened lots of doors for me. Hard work always pays off in the end’. Blogging at the level of Retro Flame is serious business, but Erika knows that drawing on what’s going on in her life is a great way create varied content: ‘If I’m travelling, I absolutely love doing photo diaries which document my trips. If I’m really busy at work, I’ll try to incorporate some career posts into Retro Flame. Or if I’m attending lots of events during a particular week (e.g. Fashion Week) I’ll be sure to be documenting all my outfits. Retro Flame is a huge part of my life and so I love to always give my readers an insight into what I’m actually up to’.

If you’d like to keep up with Retro Flame, click here or here for her Instagram account.


Emily O’Brien