viagra sale serif;”>With Minaj possibly at the height of her career, purchase Laura Donohoe debates the highs and lows of the bi-polar fashionista.

Nicki Minaj- the name which sparks intense debate. The girl is everywhere, she’s inescapable, arguably more so for her eccentric fashion choices than her music. She’s shown more flesh than a Vegas stripper, though it can be forgiven with that killer body, and she’s often found in the best and worst dressed lists. What makes her so odd is her inconstancy- her first appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, she looked stunning in a black body con dress and statement heels, but as her fame progressed, she became more of a circus act, with outrageous colours, themes and face paint make up. Now she looks to be the weirder Lady Gaga of Hip Hop, with downright weird ensembles, emblazoned with some form of tack or trash.


Looking at her outfit at MTV’s VMAs 2011- This is easily one of the most offensive outfit’s the girl has ever worn to date. She literally looks like she selected the most scary statement pieces and then put them all together. There is a cacophony of colour and texture which most designers wouldn’t see in six seasons. The welded dress, the pink tutu, star printed leggings, white over-the-knee socks, clutching a giant bird-like teddy, while rocking an obnoxious ice cream cone necklace and a printed surgery mask. Even one of these would be reason enough to be sent off to the loony bin, combined, she looks like the modern day female version of Willy Wonka. It’s hard to describe how or where she discovered this look, but for the sake of the children, let us hope it stays there.

Nicki also shocked at Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera’s shows. Minaj explodes in with neon colours and looks absolutely obscene seated next to the cool and aloof Vogue’s editor in chief. Surprisingly, most accounts at the event revealed the two were having a chin wag, despite Nicki having the show being put on hold in anticipation of her arrival, and photos of Anna looking repulsed by the cartoon character sat beside her. Nicki tweeted from the show, sporting a multitude of bizarre colours, blended with her interpretation of Harajuku style. Had she been an ordinary person, people would assume that she’s mixing medications.

While difference should be embraced and celebrated, Miss Minaj appears to actually try to be beyond different, which is as counterproductive as a unique person trying to appear ‘normal’. Her strange array of style and her revealing she takes on multiple alter egos just suggests she may not be of sound mind, or simply put, a bit of a freak! Nicki, pick one of your personalities and remain that way, as of the moment, you look like a one woman show of bat crap crazy.