With polling stations opening in less than 24 hours, treatment Micheal Gallagher and Enda Conway take part in the the College Tribune SU Welfare debate.


Part 1

Part 2


Now read our report on last night’s hustings in the Arts Block>>>>>

7 thoughts on “College Tribune SU Welfare Debate

  1. Bully boy tactics by Enda Conway? He shouts down anything Gallagher is trying to say before he even gets his point out!

  2. My impression from watching this is that Enda Conway seems slightly inept, and apparently unaware as to the current activities of Welfare in the college.

    Michael Gallagher seems clued in, realist and much more knowledgable about a lot of the topics discussed in this debate.

    I think I just made my mind up about who I want to be Welfare officer next year anyway.

  3. Though Gallaghers work with the welfare team thats outlined is admirable but it seems that Conway is the one with more vision.

    With an SU in as much debt as ours Conways approach to outside sponsorship seems like the best and most cost effective way to service all the students needs.

  4. Conway just seems to do a lot of waffling to waste time. Micheal gets to the point and makes real and valid points. It seems to know a lot more about what he’s talking about too. Its very clear its he’s the better candidate

  5. Experience is key for any job in life. I’ve seen the Welfare Crew around the place in the 3 years I’ve been in UCD and Mícheál’s seemed to be quite active in their projects as well as in other projects in UCD. He is an honest, approachable lad and his points emphasized in the video as well the manifesto seem better equipped to take on the challenge as Welfare Officer. Although some of Conway’s ideas are admirable to say the least I’m voting for necessary experience, and that’s for Mícheál gallagher.

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