NYR2Are you happy with your style at the minute? If yes, you’re sorted! Keep doing you. If no, take action. Allocate some time to evaluating your wardrobe. Do your clothes embody how it is that you want to present yourself to the world? In what ways are you happy and unhappy with what you see hanging in front of you? After you’ve put some thought into the state of your wardrobe it’s time to begin moving towards change. Dedicate some time to having a proper clearout and ruthlessly follow the usual advice; that if you haven’t worn it in the last twelve months then it’s got to go. Donate your unwanted pieces to charity shops (and maybe pick up a few new items while you’re there!).

With your wardrobe cleared out, you can move on to the task of re-building it the way you want. Try and figure out what you want your personal style to be and start developing it. Research which direction you’d like your look to go down: ask yourself, for example, if you envisage yourself being more edgy, more chic, less plain, NYR1brighter, more neutral, or some combination of anything and everything. Plough through tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest and draw inspiration from different elements of different looks. When you have an idea of what your style goals may be, think about creating a vision board of looks. If possible, print out images you like and physically display them somewhere rather than saving screenshots to your phone. This way you can combine images from the internet with newspaper and magazine cut-outs and will have a tangible reminder of your style project in one place. Include words or phrases that evoke ideas of the look you’re after. When you think you’ve figured out which route you want your style to go down, don’t rush out to hit the shops. As with any new relationship, it’s best to take it slow and get comfortable with your new look. You’re not going to create the wardrobe of your dreams based on one shopping trip to town! Pick up some pieces that subtly ease you towards the desired result and build your wardrobe back up over time. Once you’re on track, resolve to try not to buy into fads and to instead spend your money on clothes you know you’ll re-wear.

Finally, be sure to treat your clothes well to increase their longevity: hang them up, hand-wash when necessary and avoid the tumble dryer. With a wardrobe that’s well-managed and reflective of your true personal style, dressing will become a joy again.NYR3

Make Up Resolutions:

While you’re overhauling your wardrobe, you may consider paying some mind to your make-up bag too. Get rid of anything that exceeds their expiry dates- considering you’re using these products on your face, the dates are not to be messed with. Most products will have a 3, 6, 12 or 18 month life-span. Also, ensure you regularly wash your make-up brushes. You will notice the difference in the health of your skin once you keep your make-up bag fresh.

  • Emer Slattery, Fashion Editor.
    This article originally appeared in Volume 29, Issue 7 published Tuesday February 2nd 2016