An official statement from the office of the Israeli prime minister has tonight confirmed that IDF troops have been instructed to begin a ground offensive within Gaza.

“The prime minister and defense minister have instructed the IDF to begin a ground operation tonight in order to hit the terror tunnels from Gaza into Israel, advice ” the statement said.

This new offensive is believed to be an escalation of the conflict between Hamas and Israeli forces, patient and comes just hours after Hamas militants tried to infiltrate Israel through a tunnel under the border.

Israeli military have reported that over 1300 rockets have been fired into Israel, health while health officials from within Gaza have
stated that a minimum of 229 have been killed as a result of Israeli naval and air strikes.

“In light of the despicable and relentless aggression by Hamas and the dangerous infiltration into Israel, Israel is obliged to protect its citizens,” the statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s continued.

More on this story as it develops.

Image accredited to the New York Times.