UCD students have voted for the impeachment of UCDSU President Katie Ascough by more than double. The referendum which took place over two days was won by a total of 4633 votes to 2032 by a margin of 69% to 31%.

The turnout of 6,611 students  far exceeded quorum which was set at 2,455 and is the biggest turnout in a referendum in recent UCD history.

The big win for the yes side came in Arts where 1,360 students voted for impeachment compared to 413 who voted against.

The closest ballot box came from Quinn (combination of both business and law students) which was 55% Yes compared to 45% NO.

Both Katie Ascough and Amy Crean made speeches with Ms Ascough saying ‘This is a sad day for me and a sad day for our  university’. Amy Crean thanks her team and the sabbatical officers, acknowledging that it could not have been an easy decision to campaign for impeachment.

A by election will now held to decide who will be the SU President for until next June.

Rachel O’Neill – Editor

One thought on “Katie Ascough Has Been Impeached

  1. Thank you Katie for sharing your life story your little brother had the choice of the right to life and sadly he went to heaven with all his little body formed at 13 weeks Obviously a number of your fellow students are afraid of your story being heard. Please please go for President again. Believe in your fellow students it all a process in learning If you save 1 life. Your little brother so proud of you. God bless always.

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