Fact: Hair gets fed up, just like the rest of us. In the winter months, it can become dry and brittle far too easily. It can lack bounce and take us into Spring with no volume or life. As we transition into the freer, more fun seasons, we need to look after our locks. The days are getting brighter, so don’t leave your hair in the cold.

For late nights that turn into early mornings, the quickest fix for lifeless hair is dry shampoo. With busy days, we don’t always have time to style it properly, so add some oomph and restore volume with this cheap solution. This is great for adding texture and removing that overly smooth, needs-a-wash shine.

For reoccurring dryness, try going a step further and investing in a high brand argan oil. Extracted from the Moroccan argan tree, this is full of the moisturising goodness that your hair craves when it feels coarse and stiff. Nourishing your hair in this way can provide lasting, effective protection against dullness and add a healthy glow. This is perfect for achieving that super soft ‘swish’ feeling.

For the most innovative and brave, sometimes tired looking hair is calling out for a major change. The old ombré in the ends of waist-length hair can cause heavy split ends, dragging the rest of your waves with it. Why not look up new styles to get back that fresh, healthy feel? A blunt cut across the bottom can do wonders for this – it’s out with the old ends and in with the new. Layers will also lighten the load, allowing for more bounce and freedom. As we enter warmer weather, this step can help you transform your tired hair, and what better way to revolutionise yourself into something new just in time for summer!


Emily Kielthy