UCD Students’ Union (UCDSU) is considering the implementation of electronic voting for future polling days. Marcus O’Halloran, UCDSU President, visited his counterparts in Dublin City University (DCU) to discuss their electronic voting system on Friday, 23rd October.voting

DCU Students’ Union (DCUSU) trialled online voting as part of their most recent Sabbatical elections in March. Students were able to cast their votes through Loop, DCU’s online platform for staff and students.

Article 18.3.1 of UCDSU’s new Constitution, which was enacted during the last academic year, states that nothing within the Constitution itself “shall prevent the possibility of online or electronic voting. “The article sets out the way in which online voting could be utilised.

UCDSU’s Returning Officers can propose to use electronic voting for an upcoming vote. Then, both UCDSU’s Executive and Council must both approve of their proposal by a two-thirds majority. The Independent Appeals & Disciplinary Board (IADB) can overturn the decision to use electronic voting one week before a polling date if it has a specific concern in relation to the “security, integrity or accuracy” of the online voting system.

As O’Halloran’s meeting was only to survey the situation in DCU, there is no confirmation as to whether or not UCDSU will attempt to utilise electronic voting in the future.

  • Cian Carton, News Editor