Winter time has finally gone (although the weather may not show it). So what do you do with your winter wardrobe? It’s time to ditch all the heavy jackets and boots and start adding some colour to the threads. Try adding some pastel colours into the mix. Penneys are fantastic – their spring/summer collections are filled with new shorts and t-shirts with so many light colours and at an affordable price.  “How can I wear such bright colours?” Be brave. Wearing brighter colours will make you look confident and catch peoples’ eye. If you’re not brave enough, try substituting dark colours for lighter versions. So instead of a dark brown pair of boots – use tan. There’s little fault with a pair of light denim jeans, white tee and a tan boot.

Denim is always an essential in one’s attire. It also happens to be extremely popular at the minute. Dungarees have come back into style too. Stores like H&M, River Island and Penneys are all selling denim of varying colours now. Light denim is an easy way for putting a spring in your step! Team a pair of mint shorts, a pink t-shirt, a light denim jacket with a pair of white converse together and you’ll be set. If too much colour isn’t your thing – try using white tees with vibrant prints.

The transition from the Winter to Spring wardrobe may be daunting – especially because the colours of this time of year are SO vibrant next to the darks from winter. But fear not, you can mix and match between the two. Black is such an essential item in your closet. There’s so much that can be done with it – combining a pair of black jeans with a light print really enhances the colour of it.


John McNamara