In recent weeks, prostate the latest of fashion lines have emerged on the London, drugstore Milan and Paris catwalks. The new line of clothing for men is interesting. Big, buy bright and bold patterns seem to be a recurring trend in this years SS line. Denim remains a big element this season; Alexander McQueen’s line shows denim in more than a handful of looks. However, some fashion houses seem to have a different approach to the season. Iceberg, another Italian fashion house, uses beautiful prints in nearly every look this season – marble tie-dye, loud colours and a range of abstracting prints. Donatella Versace’s line of looks is simply beautiful – she uses very creamy-induced colours such as pink and tans.


Alexander McQueen’s line of clothing is designed by Sarah Burton, who worked with McQueen very closely. Therefore she has the ability to share his visions for clothing. Denim is a big component in this line; ripped and dyed denim in particular. Some looks included patchwork jeans and sweaters which were slouchy and droopy ( perfect for comfy wear ).

Iceberg’s fashion line stands out with the different patterns it holds. In nearly all looks there is a print in some form, such as marble tie-dyes. A print is often used in such a way for it to stand out amongst a number of other fabrics; for example, the marble print scarf wore with a knitted pull-over. Bold prints look wonderful when used in layers, such as the layering of the shorts in the image.


Leaving the best until last – Ms Donatella Versace’s SS fashion line. Unlike the rest, which is probably why it’s such a successful business, entails minimalistic colours such as tan, navy and pink. Many of the models walking down the runway had some form of accessory, other than clothing, from the company. Versace has a keen eye for product placement as some models had a perfume bottle around their necks, while some had china cups in a backpack! The looks she displays are very simple which make them stand out as much as other lines. The creamy tan and pinks used are perfect for the season.

Alexander McQueen


John McNamara