A murder mystery set against the backdrop of calm residential life in Booterstown, Marked Off leads us on a trail of corruption as we follow Detective Danny O’Neil in the hunt for a sadistic killer. Dead ends and false leads leave the police baffled and it appears that the killer revels in their failure. It comes to light that the killings are linked, the preferred targets being blonde women. O’Neil must also come to terms with his own inner turmoil along with discovering the murderer’s identity. Public tensions begin to rise as another what appears to be separate murder case emerges as a junior minister is found dead. Despite the hefty political stresses put on O’Neil to come up with answers, all clues run cold eventually. O’Neil and his police team must venture down other danger ridden avenues to search for the truth and hopefully, justice. Delving deeper into the gritty underworld of Dublin, more tangible clues emerge bringing O’Neil and readers closer to ‘whodunit’.

An engaging and exciting book, Marked off will leave readers in a perpetual state of suspense. If you’re a fan of the variations of classic detective fiction or of the James Patterson-esque crime thriller this is certainly the book for you. Cameron’s ability to merge Irish colloquialisms into the dialogue makes it an especially appealing book for our own home-grown bodies while not losing any of the appeal for readerships of any nationality.

Having had many of his personal short stories previously published, this is Don Cameron’s first book and the winning novel for the RTE’s Today Show writing competition in association with New Island Books.  It’s sure to leave one’s inner sleuth satisfied.


Marked off is available for purchase through New Island Books.

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