Sluts’, buy a new play by Caitriona Daly is returning to Dramsoc. After capturing audiences in Dramsoc, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Kerry, ‘Sluts’ is coming back to UCD as the Dramsoc Flagship.

Sluts’ is a play about stupid bitches.

The setting of ‘Sluts’ is in an “unspecified area of Dublin” where “stupid bitches” are getting ready before a night out. ‘Sluts’ plays on the stereotyped views of female friendships, relationships and jealousy. The play was nominated for Best Original Script at the I.S.D.A.’s in 2010 it’s

sharp and witty dialogue, cutting and aggressive put-downs and heart wrenching moments capturing the frailty and, at times superficiality, of love and loss.”

Sluts’ has made an impact to audiences both in Ireland and abroad. It is a play not to be missed.

What made you come up with the idea for ‘Sluts’ as a play?

I knew I wanted to write a play that criticised ‘pretty woman’ the film. I just thought the whole idea of it was actually ridiculous. So I wrote a speech which kick-started the rest of the play.

Were you confident when you were entering it into the ISDA’s?

Its impossible to be confident entering the ISDA’s and anyone who is, is a fool. There is no precedence with the judges as they change every year so its impossible to tell what they’re into themselves. It’s really a very subjective thing so all you can hope for is that you perform your best on the night which we did and we came home with a few nominations which we are extremely proud of.

What was involved in getting ‘Sluts’ into the Fringe Festival?

Getting into it wasn’t a problem all you need is a good script and some nice photos of your production and if they’re good the venues seem happy enough to have you over. It’s more the ‘getting there’ that’s tough because Edinburgh is hard to do on a budget.

What was the reaction of the Fringe Festival?

Fantastic! We had great crowds from all over the world that loved the show, which was fantastic as we were worried how some of the jokes would translate across the Irish Sea but it never seemed to be a problem. We had a woman walk out in the first few minutes of one of the performances because of the topics being discussed but to be honest I don’t know why she was coming to see a play called ‘Sluts’ if she was sensitive to that sort of thing but its good to know your work provokes a reaction be it good or bad.



How do you want to progress with ‘Sluts’ now?

We’re delighted to be the flagship show for Dramsoc this year. It’ll be sad saying goodbye to the Dramsoc theatre as it’s the last show that I’ll be doing there but it’s nice to be going out with a bang. We then have some tour dates for October and who knows after that.

What’s on the cards for ‘Sluts’ as far as Dramsoc is concerned?

The flagship run will be the last time its performed in the Dramsoc theatre, but we’re remaining under the Dramsoc name when we tour in October. Everything about this play has been created by Dramsoc members. It will always be a Dramsoc play to me anyway.

Sluts will be showing in Dramsoc from September 28th. Make sure not to miss out.