It is safe to say that Anna Wintour is one of the most influential style icons in the world. Undoubtedly she embodies everything the fashion world has to offer. Believe it or not it is Anna who decides what everybody is wearing today and what everybody will be wearing tomorrow. Not only does she run the most powerful fashion magazine in the world, see Anna Wintour makes and breaks careers. She gives aspiring designers such as Marc Jacobs, decease Michael Kors and even the iconic Alexander McQueen the ‘big break’ that they all once craved. To put it simply, viagra sale scouting fabulous fashion designers is one of Anna’s many talents. Nuclear Anna or not, it is impossible to be unaware of the power and control this style icon has.

So how can one person have so much power over such an immense industry? As editor in chief of Vogue U.S, Ms. Wintour elects what designers get published and what ones fail to make the cut. Each year she makes her cutthroat selections on what pieces designers should feature in their collection at New York Fashion Week. Young fashion designers such as Alexander Wang and Tykoon worship the ground she walks on. Except what happens when a designer objects to Anna’s opinions? They don’t because they know Anna is always right. After all Anna Wintour is fashion.

Coco Chanel



By choosing what clothes are featured on the runway in the fall and spring seasons, Anna determines the clothes all high street stores are selling. How is this possible? High street stores such as New Look, Zara and Pennys base their stocks on trends featured at fashion week.

One has to seriously admire Anna’s unshakeable work ethic – one needed to produce so much work in so little time. Like every successful business guru (and that she is), Anna does not waste a single second of her day. She doesn’t spend more than 10 minutes at any given event simply because she doesn’t have the time – after all she has an entire industry to run.

Known to most, Anna Wintour possesses the qualities of a style icon – creativity, innovation and fearlessness. Having only gained her position as editor in chief of Vogue U.S, Anna abolished the tradition of putting plain ridged over dressed models on the cover of Vogue. None of the other main fashion magazines agreed with her rash decision of putting a girl with a smile in simple Guess jeans and a vest top on the cover of Vogue. However, this turned out to be a major success leading Anna to start putting celebrities instead of models on the cover of Vogue and like she predicted, sales skyrocketed and the world of fashion changed forever.

Whilst she manages the fashion bible of the world and sets ever lasting trends, it must be pointed out that Anna exudes self-confidence. By wearing whatever she likes, whenever she likes, she proves to young girls and older women that fashion is all about self-expression and no one does ‘individuality’ better than Ms. Wintour herself. To phrase it clearly, Anna Wintour is not merely a style icon she is simply beyond fashion.