? Agreement signed between UCDSU and University over bar.
? Planned reopening could be as far away as September.
? New bar likely to operate under a theatre licence and run as venue.
? Bar committee structure done away with as UCD take over full control.
? Building needs a disability and fire safety certificate before it can be opened.
? Date for Forum Bar to reopen: 31st of May.

‘‘There’s a chance the college should get it up [reopened for this semester], they just need a good kick up the hole.’’ – Heffo

It has been confirmed that plans are in place to reopen the Students Club, commonly referred to as the Student Bar, on campus. Speaking to the College Tribune, UCDSU Ents Officer, Eoin Heffernan confirmed that an agreement has been reached between the University and UCDSU, however the bar will not operate daily, but will be run as a venue for gigs on a once off basis.

Students may have to wait until September for the bar to reopen as a license to serve alcohol must be applied for, along with fire safety and disability access certificates being issued for the building. Mr Heffernan stated that “this has been an ongoing thing with college for a while. They’ve given us answers…but they haven’t given us a date still yet.”

“There’s a chance the college should get it up [reopened for this semester], they just need a good kick up the hole.”

Even if the bar is reopened as a venue before the end of this term, Mr Heffernan has no plans to hold any gigs in it. Mr Heffernan stated that he’s ‘pushing for it to get it open as quickly as possible, but in terms of me and planning my stuff and gigs, I can’t hold out for the bar anymore.” He continued, “I can’t plan to put gigs on in a venue that not up to health and safety standards”.

There will be a change in the management structure of the bar, with the university to take charge of the venue. This is in contrast with the bar structure that was previously in place, in which a committee comprising of student and academic staff representatives ran the bar. Commenting on the new arrangement Mr Heffernan said ‘‘I think it’s a safer bet overall for everyone if the college look after it, so that what happened last time can’t happen again, and I think that’s everyone’s main concern.’’

When asked about the financial aspect of the new venue for UCDSU Mr Heffernan stated that ‘‘the college would run the venue…so I’d assume it would be the same as if we were to rent the Astra Hall or a room…the only thing up in the air would be profits off the bar, obviously, so I don’t know, but when it comes to that battle I’m sure I’d be able to handle it, but I’m not sure I’ll be given the chance.”

The Student Club closed on June 15th of last year with its full time staff being made redundant. There has been no bar on campus since then with work having being halted on the redevelopment of the Forum Bar in mid September 2012 as the building firm contracted to complete it went into liquidation.

The 31st of May has been given as the date for the reopening of the Forum Bar to UCDSU by UCD authorities with work on the site restarted.

– By Ronan Coveney