seek serif;”>When indie-rock and soul singer Andrew Hozier-Byrne shot to fame nearly two years ago, he quickly became a global sensation.

The eyes of the world focused on the little island that produced this soulful legend. It made us wonder, how could someone with a voice like that have been undiscovered, busking in the streets of Dublin for so long?

It certainly got us thinking at the College Tribune, about what other incredible talent lay in wait. So we introduce to you the first installment of our ‘Up and Coming Dubliners,’ series, where go in search of Dublin’s next ‘big thing,’

This week we sat down with the incredibly talented Damien Broderick of Damien Broderick Photography to talk chat about his craft, his vision, and what


How did you get started in photography?

Damien: My grandfather was a keen photographer had a lovely little Pentax. My dad is an avid traveler and loved taking pictures, and got me into it then. When I was in TY in school, we learned about analogue photography, and I fell in love with the process. While I still love film, I’m a guy who likes to work fast, so digital was a more convenient medium for me.

What has the response been like to your work so far?

Damien: It’s very slow here in Ireland. Everyone is a photographer now. So you’re not just battling the seasoned pro for a job. You’re battling someone friends or uncles or a sister that has an SLR that will shoot for free.

Obviously there will be a difference in quality. It’s like everything you pay for what you get.

Is it hard to break into the photography business in Dublin?

Damien: Yes and no, it’s a difficult question to answer. It would depend on what you prefer to shoot. You see a lot of young fashion photographers breaking through, and they’re a mix of talent and connections. I like to take portraits, so I shoot musicians because I’ve a lot of good friends in that scene.

Ultimately though I love to shoot travel. A mix of landscape and portraits from places I’d love to go. I don’t get paid unless someone buys a print. I do it because I love it.

Have you ever thought about pursuing your passion abroad and opening up a studio elsewhere?

Damien: Even here if money wasn’t an option I wouldn’t open a studio. You can tell by some of my work I never shoot in a studio setting. I prefer to be on location, I think you get a more authentic vibe. But, I do like to travel with my camera.

What’s your favorite part of being a photographer?

Damien: My favorite part is when you see someone or something you would like to capture. It’s an amazing thing. I like the process of creating a picture. Whether it be with a band using lighting and location and Photoshop. Or seeing a random person in the street and asking them can I take a portrait of them.

Photo courtesy of Damien Broderick photography. Check out more of his work here.