One of the most highly anticipated charity events of the year, prescription Jailbreak 2015, buy cialis will be kicking off at Collin’s Barracks in less than twenty-four hours.

Run over the past four years, sovaldi the competition has seen students from colleges across the country, race across the world raise money for Saint Vincent de Paul and Amnesty International.

This year there will be participants from eight colleges meeting at Collin’s Barracks on the 7th March. From there, students  will set off on an adventure around the world.

The College Tribune spoke to a Jailbreak contestant, UCD student Aoife Walshe, about her involvement with the charity event of 2015.

“My friend Olwyn wanted to do it and needed a partner, so I thought it seemed like a great idea to raise money for the two charities St. Vincent de Paul and Amnesty International. It seemed like great fun, so I decided to join her on it,”

This year Jailbreak sees a change in the rules of the competition. All contestants will be heading to the same location, only known as Location X. The maximum time spent on a flight is two hours, and contestants are not permitted to fly out of the same country they flew into.

“I think the rules this year will make jailbreak more exciting. Last year teams were trying to get as far away from Ireland as possible in 36 hours. The furthest they could go within that time was Australia so ultimately that was everyone’s aim. It will make it tougher for the students but better for the public to keep up with us because we’ll be on land more and not just up in the sky in planes.”

This year audiences will also be able to live stream the finish line.

There are 18 teams participating from UCD this year, and you can follow their progress here.
Text JAILBREAK to 50300 to donate €4

Photo courtesy of Jailbreak

– Megan Hickey

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  1. Didnt last year’s winner just have Daddy’s company buy them tickets to Austrailia or some other far flung desitnation?

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