Motivation can’t be bought, check but any small thing that helps you along your fitness journey is worth a try. Wearing clothes that make you feel empowered is a good idea at any time, and is especially so for a tough workout.

For optimum results, the clothes you wear when exercising should feel comfortable and leave you free to move. If you feel confident it will spur you on to make the most of your gym session. The style and fit of exercise gear that would suit you best comes down to personal preference, and there are arguments to be made for both loose and fitted clothes. Loose options such as a baggy T-shirt and comfy tracksuit bottoms are great as they aren’t restrictive and take away the pressure that wearing skin-tight Lycra in public may bring. Alternatively, form-fitting pieces can make you more aware of your body and you’ll be able to feel the muscle groups working as you go, which may help you work towards your workout goals.

Either way, stretchy fabrics are your friends. For added fun and motivation choose gear with bright, positive colours and fun prints. All it takes is one item that will bring some extra spunk to your workout. Don’t rush out and buy loads of new fitness clothes that you won’t wear, but do try it out and you may find it makes you more inspired and enthusiastic about working out! Then, perhaps you could even reward yourself with new workout gear when you reach certain fitness goals to keep yourself motivated. True motivation comes from within, but if nice clothes help: wear them!


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