ask serif;”>Suzanne Lee, treatment a 23 year old UCD student from Belfast and campaigner for the pro-choice movement, cialis has recently gained public attention due to her open discussions with the media about her personal experience with abortion.

Lee, a member of the UCD Pro Choice Society and the Rally for Change movement, has been one of the most outspoken youths on the issue with interviews involving The London Independent and the BBC Program The Nolan Show, having raised the profile of the pro-choice activist.

The College Tribune spoke to Ms Lee regarding her emerging prominence on the issue. Commenting on her experience Lee stated, “I had a really good experience with the doctor in UCD…before I decided anything I came in and told him I was pregnant and he said ‘congratulations’, and then he goes ‘oh wait, you haven’t made your mind up yet, that was entirely wrong of me to say’, he kept apologising to me about it and told me that UCD would support me whatever my decision was and that I should come back to him and it’d be fine.”

Lee spoke openly about how people have viewed her since she began to speak openly about her abortion. “I know there are going to be people that judge me,” she remarked, “and I don’t really care.”

No one really wants to touch the cases of ‘I didn’t want a child’. No one seems to want to touch that because, essentially, even pro-choice people I find are still of the same mind set that some abortions are better than others. I find that a lot harder to deal with than someone who’s pro-life, who cuts out all abortions. Money should never have had to come into my decision. I think that’s a point a lot of people don’t make either. There are people who choose to have abortions, but if they choose to have them because they can’t afford to have a child, not because they don’t want a child, that’s still not choice realistically. So I think it is very difficult,” she commented.

On the legality issues surrounding abortion, Lee said, “the question most people have to ask themselves is, do they really think that a woman deserved life in prison for having an abortion? The majority of people will say no, and if no, well then surely that means we have to legislate for abortion on demand, because what else are you going to do? We’ll imprison them for a couple of years? We’ll fine them? They’re not really solutions. Whatever you think about abortion, no one deserves life in prison for that, therefore legislation is the obvious step.”

With the opening of the Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Belfast abortions are now available on the island of Ireland. Lee spoke of the potential demand it would put on the Irish government to legislate for abortion, “I would like to think that it would put pressure on the Irish government, but I’m not particularly hopeful…”


By Matthew H. Farrelly

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