UCD will be conducting its very own ‘Lipdub’ video on Friday April 26th, patient coinciding with the last day of term. The aim of this video is to promote UCD and the achievements of its clubs and societies.

The inspiration for this video comes from the opening of the new Student Centre at the beginning of the academic year. This not only offered clubs and societies new facilities but also gave them a platform to showcase what they could do from the student body. It is the hope of the organisers of the ‘Lipdub’ video to showcase these achievements even further.

While highlighting the various activities on offer around the campus the organisers of the video also hope to highlight groups that may not be traditionally activate on campus. The UCD Societies representative on the project, view Aifric Nugent, told The College Tribune they hope to do this by taking snapshots of these group’s events and including them in the video.

Students across UCD are being encouraged to take part in the video. The organisers want students to “turn all preconceptions upside down and reimagine UCD as a place of pure insanity” Nugent told The College Tribune.

Filmsoc will film the video throughout the Student Centre complex on the last day of semester two, 26th April.

-Rachel Carey

Watch this to see UCC’s attempt at a Lipdub: