Professor Suzanne Kingston of the UCD School of Law has been appointed as a Judge of the General Court of the EU Court of Justice. Kingston was sworn into the position last week and will hold the position for more than three years, until August 2025.

Kingston will join the 54-person team of judges, who were selected by the Council of the European Union (EU). Each judge has been selected from a different member state of the EU. Kingston was chosen to fill the remainder of the usual six-year term, joining Colm Mac Eochaidh as the second Irish judge on the court. The position was made available following the appointment of her predecessor, Anthony Collins as an Advocate General of the court.

The General Court of the EU Court of Justice is tasked with hearing actions brought by individuals and member states of the EU, it is one half of the Court of Justice of the European Union alongside the Court of Justice.

Professor Kingston notably received a  1.5 million euro research grant from the European UnionResearch Council to lead a major 5-year project investigating how the way we design our laws influences levels of environmental compliance in the EU. The project, ‘Effective Nature Laws’ led to Kingston being named as one of Ireland’s “Champions of EU Research” by Enterprise Ireland for her ERC grant achievements.

As a Professor at UCD, since 2015, Kingston’s teaching output centred around EU, climate change and environmental law and policy.

Hugh Dooley – News Editor