With the latest government restrictions in place leaving students with less options for activities on campus, UCD’s Filmsoc is one of the societies here on campus that are providing opportunities for students to feel a part of the community as well as keeping them entertained. In an interview with Film Society’s Deputy Auditor Ryan, he reveals what the society is all about, what exciting things they have planned and how the pandemic has affected them. 

Ryan, the second in command and “glorified secretary” of Filmsoc, joined the team last semester in Week 5, proving it’s never too late to join in! He provided the Tribune with some teasers of their semester two plans, he tells our correspondent “We’re hoping to do a Gala after Easter,” ”We want to bring the overnight movie marathon back!” and he discussed that the society, in collaboration with the Dublin International Film Festival, are on the lookout for a celebrity guest to join them in a panel event that they will host (Stephen Merchant has shown interest!). We can expect this hopefully to happen in the next few weeks. In the meantime, the society is keeping up with their weekly themed screenings such as Week One: Adam Sandler and for Week Two aka Refreshers Week: Disney Channel Original Films. Their Cineclub and After Dark will also be back up and running this semester! 

Speaking of their weekly themes, Ryan explained the process behind them, “Our amazing screenings team do all the work for picking and choosing the themes and movies. Three incredible ladies pick these and are always planning a semester ahead so there is no stress about it. Usually they pick movies they want first and then pick a theme that the movies fits under. They also have a thing called Baby Week meaning they can show whatever film they want and the rest go along with the theme and movies for that week! This semester it’ll be Kermit Week and Muppet movies will be shown then.” Filmsoc are also known for their collaborations with other societies. This semester we can expect a collaboration with Litsoc based on book adaptations and possibly a week of foreign films. Outside of screenings, the society has a productions team and people can send scripts to the society by email or hand them in as they start working on them after Easter. 

Like many societies on campus, the pandemic has made Filmsoc adapt to the new normal. Due to the 8pm curfew, the regular time slots of Tuesdays, which were reserved for longer films, have now had to be changed and times taken into consideration. Ryan explains the issues this causes in terms of after film discussions, which are cut short due to the imposed curfew. Filmsoc are dedicated to trying their best to prevent the spread of Covid and to do this they have set a limit in the cinema of fifty people and Ryan himself is keeping track of  contact tracing. The society asks that all members wear their masks when not eating or drinking at these events. It is also necessary for members to present Covid certificates and matching ID before all events otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the event. 

Ryan leaves us with parting words on behalf of Filmsoc “Our slogan is ‘We love movies and we make movies’ and it’s very true. We love everyone who loves movies no matter what their opinion is. All we want is students and their friends to have a good time with movies as there is something here to please everyone. If you’re not a member already, you should be!” 

By Angelina Pierce- Entertainment & Lifestyle Editor

Interviewer: Sophie Melia- Film & TV Correspondent