AW14 Trends

?From Fashion Week at London, Paris, New York and Milan, here are the newest trends to entice all fashion lovers so keep your eyes glued to this page!

The absolute star this season it has to be nature and nature inspired florals. It may be autumn but as far as your wardrobe is concerned, it is still spring girls! Pair your colourful florals with monochromes in moss green, pewter grey and shades of pink, from pastel colours to bright pink. You are geared up for a fairy-tale, set amidst a forest with a silent and serene lake in the background.. ah! How romantic!

Natural trends’ detail : feathers.

Obviously, you cannot miss the black and white trends and the geometric theme as seen in Givenchy’s abstractionism, Valentino’s new optical, Burberry’s inspiration squaw and Louis Vuitton’s winter flowers. For Romantic girls, I recommend oversized coats and tricots with a nice hat!

For the brave-hearted, I suggest the orange-coloured vitamin C to face the cold weather with the right energy..a sweater, a coat, a necklace, an earring, once it is orange!

Last but not least: the college style! The start of school brings with it shoulder bags, tartan skirts and moccasins. The Preppy Girl revival.. Gossip Girl is calling!


Barbara Fabris