As a result of the pandemic stemmed from the novel coronavirus, UCD Global is pending its decision to allow students to participate in any exchange or Erasmus programme offered by the university. Students will be noticed by Friday 8th May with updates regarding the possibility of taking part in “inbound and outbound mobility programmes in the Autumn Trimester 2020/21” as communicated by Douglas Proctor, Director of UCD Global.

In the meantime, the Erasmus staff is advising students to continue their application process to their host university and to meet all required deadlines. But the key recommendation is to not pay for accommodation nor to book flights in this uncertain time. Any change in programmes’ arrangements will be reported by the university as soon as possible although alternatives will require time. At present, the University Management Team (UMT) is in close contact with Schools and Colleges within UCD as well as with foreign partner universities to sift through all options to make exchanges viable. Having students living such experiences abroad is a key feature of UCD, but the health and safety of its students is right now the top concern for staff and academic members alike. Therefore, due to these exceptional circumstances it is possible that the university might hold participants back from attending exchange programmes.

So far, uncertainty regarding the future of exchanges is prevailing across all universities involved in the process. And although UCD is still considering the option of sending its students abroad, it is too early to assess what the final decision may be. The progression of COVID-19 worldwide may prompt the university to cancel study and training abroad to safeguard the health of its students as well as that of others.


Alessia Mennitto – Reporter