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Berlin ist einfach cool.

But Dublin? How can the style of Dublin be defined?

Here in the capital we have a vast scale of unique sets of style that each has its own cohort of enthusiasts. An example of this is the troopers of the popular post-summer bohemian-chic look. If we observe Dublin as a whole, for the most part we have a very relaxed, laid-back sense of style. It seems that most people don’t stray too far from their comfort zones. It begs the question, though, if this laid-back attitude to fashion is indicative of laziness, or if there is something more going on. I’m convinced however that Dubliners are far from being slackers when it comes to fashion. If you watch carefully the street style of those walking through our beloved UCD campus or in the heart of Dublin itself then you’ll come to notice that for the most part our fashionistas are wearing a huge mix of designer, vintage and second-hand items. We have a casual yet poised style, and we’ve fallen into the vintage trap which allows us to be comfortable yet stylish at the same time. As we become an evermore globalised city, the influences of the European vintage scene are really taking hold, and the expanding prominence of vintage shops in the city centre is testament to this. We certainly do not have a style that is easy to define at first instance here in Dublin, but it is nonetheless interesting to watch it develop before our eyes.

Author: Shannon Doherty