More and more people are hunting for vintage clothing. Dublin is packed with vintage stores, many of which are around the city centre. More often than not, charity shops like “Respect” will have a great number of old gems; you’ll be doing something good for the community alongside keeping your money for those bills at the end of the month.

If thrift shopping isn’t your style, why not check out a store called “Tola Vintage” in Temple Bar. This store is fantastic for the clothes it offers. There’s plenty to choose from: label sports jackets, reworked shirts and t-shirts, bomber jackets and plenty more! All of the clothes found in this shop will enhance any guys’ wardrobe. How do I wear a vintage shirt or a vintage jacket? Easy, team it up with black jeans and you’re good to go. The clothes come in at varying prices, but they are worthwhile for the quality.


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Nine Crow is another brilliant store full of vintage clothing, based on Ormond Quay. There’s always something to find for anyone in this shop. Whether it’s fur, leather, mesh or  flannel, there’s something that you will like. The store itself has vintage decor, adding the experience. The attire that is found here is a fair price; but nine times out of ten you can find a great steal amongst the sale items.

Temple Bar is a surprising full of vintage stores. If you ever find yourself wandering around town with time to kill, go check out some of the shops.



John McNamara