The Rolling Stones are back with their greatest hits compilation album GRRR!. The album is out to celebrate fifty years of being general rock gods. Is it a case of trying to squeeze out a few euros for the much delayed retirement fund, order or is it an investment worth making?

First off, the purchase options for this album are almost beyond comprehension. They range from the two disc, 40 song standard issue to the four disc, 80 track and countless collectable inclusive (posters, book, you name it, this version has it) Super Deluxe Edition.

The latter is clearly for the super fan out there. However, if you don’t wish to push the boat out and you choose to stick with the standard issue, you’ll find, through varying track listings from version to version, you won’t be missing out on the very best of The Stones. This point renders the acquisition of the insanely overpriced Super Deluxe Edition pointless, as many tracks are effectively being rated by the band as filler.

A disappointment was a serious lack of new material, with One More Shot, and Doom and Gloom being the only new songs. Both thankfully fit perfectly with the re-mastered classics, which sound better than ever.

A wise man once said “The Stones maaaan…”, and that man was right, this is precisely what this album is.


By Chris Becton