prescription serif;”>Do you spend your nights in a garden, longingly looking up at a lit window, or steal clothes from washing lines? If so, this may just be the soundtrack to your curious existence.

Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me

I find it difficult for it not to be creepy when Taylor Swift knows when her crush is on the phone to someone. Oh and as for being the guy’s neighbour, you wouldn’t be far off in assuming her moving into that house was a long thought out process which results in her eventually wearing his skin.

The Police- Every Breath You Take

Useless fact that may or may not be true: Mr Sting wrote this song after a break up with a lady friend. Seems pretty normal, right? The weird part of the story is that after moving out of their apartment, Mr Sting took up residence in an apartment across the road from said lady friend, and found inspiration to write this song. Apart from that and the whole tantric sex thing, he’s apparently a lovely guy though.

Radiohead- Creep

Radiohead: Doing the Creep since 1992. Picture it: The dew is settling down, you pull the hood up on your parka, the bedroom light comes on, and this comes on in your head. You know what time it is, and it’s not Hammer Time. Oh Radiohead, could there be a more needy song in existence? Stop dragging on her coattails and go out in the sun sometime!!

Puddle of Mudd- She Hates Me

Do you have anger or rejection issues? Puddle of Mudd may be the answer to your problems. While not technically related to stalking, you can easily imagine any person who calls themselves a fan of Puddle of Mudd have, at one time or another in their life, spent more than a few solitary nights cold calling members of the opposite sex.

Enrique Iglesias- Escape

The greatest piece of knowledge I took from Leaving Cert Spanish is that Enrique Iglesias’ translated name is Harry Churches. He’s truly a shining example of creepin’ done right, with that name and that mole, he still managed to follow Anna Kournikova into the ladies bathrooms and manage a quick shift before being chucked out. If only a recent accidental foray into the ladies bathroom of my own had gone so well…

Notable omissions: Carly Rae Jepsen, The other 50% of Taylor Swift songs, Nickelback, Billy Rae Cyrus, East 17.


By Chris Becton