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Lana Del Rey is back with a mixed bag of moodiness and sexiness in the form of Paradise, physician the EP to follow her hit and miss breakthrough album, cialis Born to Die. The single Ride is possibly the driving factor for this release -it’s a love letter to her clichéd themes of big sky, ed open road and the American Dream. Despite the overall lack of thematic originality it still flows and captivates the listener.

There is an increased emphasis on musicality in Paradise. Drum beats and music compliment Lana’s almost constant variation of the same two melodies that are woven through her entire repertoire. One feels this moody tone may need to be escaped if Lana is to remain relevant. The 1950’s sexiness coupled with twenty-first century persona is reaching its sell by date and it won’t be too long before she becomes just plain annoying.

Another criticism is the lackadaisical nature in which songs seem to have been written. She seems to have thrown some words together and attempts to justify them as lyrics. “My pussy tastes like Pepsi cola”, need I say more?

The shining light of this EP is definitely it being coupled with Born to Die, if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and bought the album then perhaps with the incentive of the single Ride, it could be a good time to buy the album. If you own Born to Die, then stay well enough away.

By Chris Becton