cialis sale serif;”>From Guido to guy-liner, prescription Julie Kirwan takes on the tough topic of make-up for men


Primping, preening, and pouting. Strangely enough, I’m not talking about women. When we think of ‘skincare’ and ‘make up’, ‘male’ is not usually the next word to come to our heads, yet over the last number of years men have been more willing and open to take care of their appearances. While the likes of Johnny Depp, Russell Brand and Brandon Flowers made ‘guy-liner’ sexy, base make up for men was conveniently absent. They wear it, we know they do. So why can’t we? I’m not by any means suggesting that you go out and buy your boyfriend MAC Full Coverage foundation; but is there anything wrong with men taking care of themselves?


What girl in this world hasn’t been confronted by a male relative for a smidge of concealer? No one. When it comes to skincare products such as cleanser and moisturiser, heck even shaving cream; the male species have come a long way. Where it was once diabolical to admit to pampering ones face, it’s now become sort of ‘cool’. Fact: Men who take care of themselves look better and are therefore more attractive. And it’s not just edgy and creative men that are showing an interest in cosmetics, but the Average Joe who wants to keep the pimples at bay.

But before caking themselves with concealer, men need to start with the basics. Clinique have a brilliant male skincare line, with a range of products for different skin types, from cleansers to toners to moisturisers and even male bronzing gel if you’re up for it. If you fear being seen harassing the ladies in white coats for a product– head for the internet. Liz Earle also do a male skincare line, the Cleanse and Polish (€15.50) being a staple along with Spot-On (€9.75) which is dedicated to all your breakout needs. Slap on any moisturiser suitable for your skin type (if Clinique and its counterparts are too expensive for your budget, Nivea do great ones) and conceal away.

After a quick search of male make up brands via le internet, it’s obvious that a lot more needs to be done for men as there are very little brands solely dedicated for them, be it skincare or make up. While there are a small number of brands devoted to all things male, such as The Men Pen and My Ego Cosmetics, there’s no harm in buying from a ‘womens’ range, whether it be Clinique Pore Refining Instant Corrector (€20) or Collection 2000 Lasting Concealer (€6). Apply with a light hand, and you can’t really go wrong.

If you’re feeling brave, MAC Face and Body foundation offers a light but buildable coverage that looks great on men – but it’s much easier to stick to concealing certain areas for a more natural look. If this is still too tame for you, fake tan or ‘bronzing gel’ for men is on the up in popularity stakes. Hey, if Jersey Shore lads can do it…