Renowned Professor of Paediatrics in UCD, Karina Butler, was recently appointed to the NPHET. The Professor was one of three new appointees, joined by Professor Mary Horgan of the Royal College of Physicians and Professor Mark Ferguson, the Director-General of Science Foundation Ireland. 

It is understood that Butler is also chair of the National Immunisation Advisory Committees, which provides the NPHET with guidance to inform policies on vaccines and immunisation in Irelan. She is also a member of the high-level task force on Covid-19 vaccination. Butler is also a consultant paediatrician with Children’s Health Ireland, an organisation which aims to promote “child-centred, research-led and learning informed healthcare”.

Professor Karina Butler, Chair of the National Immunisation Advisory Committee, pictured this evening (Monday 11th January) at a Covid -19 update press conference at the Department of Health…..Picture Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin

Butler’s involvement with the ongoing public health crisis dates back to the very beginning, before health experts knew just what they were dealing with. As a specialist in Children’s Health, much of her involvement has been to do with the effects of the virus in children. In April, Butler gave her expert advice on how the virus presents itself in children, advising parents to look out for fever, cough, runny nose, and in some cases gastrointestinal illness.

Rosie Roberts Kuntz – Assistant News Editor