Prep time: 15 minutes at the bus stop (If it shows up)
Cook time: Between 40 minutes and 2 hours (Depending on the traffic)
Serves: You Right.

When I was a college student I always made sure to have an holistic diet of 12-hour energy, coffee and cigarettes (thanks UCD!) so I wanted to share this pillar of my college commute! It always made the journey home easier if I knew I had some 39a to look forward to!

Any time I was upset, whether it was about a bad grade I received or because UCDConfessions never posted the anonymous thirsttrap I wrote about myself, the 39A was always there to add some warmth back into my life. Specifically, uncomfortably wet and sticky warmth but still, such important warmth!

Is this recipe for you?

Do you submit your assignments 1 minute late just to feel something? Do you just LOVE spilt coffee cups? Do you sign up for modules without looking at the assessment strategy? If you said yes to any of those questions, you just perfectly fit the chaotic mind-space of the 39A! When you’re putting together your own adaptation just think about the things that would make any sane person absolutely miserable on a bus journey! And those just perfectly fit the 39A!!!


– 22 Drunk D4 Quinn Student
– 1 rendition of Up The Ra
– 3 cans of Pratzky spilt on the bus floor
-750mg of marijuana smoked unstealithly out the window
– 3 naggins of the cheapest vodka in Tesco
– 1 earful of relationship drama from two drunk nursing girlies
– 1 cup of introvert reading
– A dash of TikTok scrolling at full volume without earphones
– 1 Loudly recorded voice message
– 26 open windows in 2° temperature
– 6 Iced Vanilla Strawbery Juice Vapes
The Recipe:
1. Preheat your bus to a slightly uncomfortable temperature, yet make sure some parts are still shockingly cold. You’ll know you have the temperature right if you’re too warm with your coat, but too cold without it.

2. Grease a bus floor just slightly so your shoes make this horrible sticking noise every step you take.

3. Add the 22 Drunk D4 Quinn Student to the bus.

4. Mix thoroughly through constant speedbumps leaving UCD while adding 1 rendition of Up The Ra.

5. Once thoroughly mixed, add in the 750mg of covertly smoked marijuana and spill three cans of Pratzky across the floor of the bus – don’t worry, someone else will clean up any spillage.

6. After you have mixed the bus, add in introverts and nursing girlies to taste!

7. Place the baking tray into the oven and bake at an uncomfortably hot and strangely wet and humid temperature.

8. While the tray is in the oven, play the dash of TikTok scrolling at full volume without earphones and the Voice Message recorded loudly for maximum ambience. It won’t impact the heat of the bus, but it’ll make you feel like you’re right there!

9. Take the mixture out of the oven and check it is thoroughly boiled. 10. Drink the Tesco Naggin. You’ll need it.


Dugh Hooley – Commuterist