Teaching arrangements for the Spring trimester, beginning on the 18th of January were officially communicated to students on Friday, 8th January. Remote learning is to continue until the 8th of March with the exception of essential laboratories, practicals, clinical and studio teaching which will continue on-campus. Libraries and study spaces are to remain open “where possible”. 

The teaching arrangements are in place until the 8th of March to “give some certainty” and allow students to plan their “studies and living locations”.On-campus teaching and learning may be able to resume after the fieldwork period, “depending on the public health situation”. 

Registrar and Deputy President of University College Dublin, Mark Rogers, communicated the arrangements via email on Friday afternoon. It was noted that “Module Coordinators with on-campus activity including tutorials or other small group teaching will communicate directly with students if they are pivoting from face-to-face to remote” learning. 

The email included government advise to “restrict onsite attendance further, only allowing the most essential work to take place onsite […] focus(ing) on activities that are not capable of being delivered through alternatives means and are time-critical for students and learners during this period”. 

Rogers urged students who are “on campus for any reason” to “please comply with all COVID-19 protocols and stay within your study or residence pod”. Those students out of the 2,000 currently residing in UCD’s student residences who may need to self-isolate will be provided with “extra care”. 

Students were reminded to “get in touch” with their student advisers or school or college officers if they are experiencing specific difficulties in the coming trimester.

Mahnoor Choudhry – Deputy News Editor