This September the Students’ Union has completed their proposed re-design of their brand. This included redesigning the Students’ Union website as well as the SU corridor and SU shops.

UCDSU President Mícheál Gallagher told the College Tribune that the rebrand was one of his top priorities for the year after including it within his election manifesto. Gallagher decided to proceed with the rebrand as a clear majority of students’ voted for this it when voting in Gallagher as president. The rebrand is “a lot younger, viagra more fresh… more vibrant,” according to Gallagher.

The rebrand was designed by Ger Byrne, who won a design competition held by the Students’ Union for designers who had worked for them in the past.

Along with the new logo and posters, the Students’ Union’s website has also been transformed. The website now has more functions available such as being able to sell UCD produce and gig tickets. Students will also be able to vote through the website for class rep and exec elections. The website has “practical applications as well as the obvious aesthetic,” said Gallagher.

Despite the scale of the rebrand, including the Students’ Union corridor and the SU shop’s redesign, Gallagher ensured the College Tribune that the rebrand came at a “relatively low cost.”