A group ‘UCD Students for Fair Representation’ is believed to have now gained enough signatures to call a referendum on campus on the Students’ Union stance on abortion.

The group needed 927 UCD students to sign a petition, and speaking to the Tribune a spokesperson for the group Donal Lynch, a second year Maths student, stated they have “got near or over 1,000” signatures.

The group must now submit their petition to the UCD Students’ Union, if it is valid then the SU are required to call a referendum, and hold the voting within 28 days of calling the referendum.

The wording of the groups petition is that the ‘the UCD Student Union should adopt a neutral stance on the abortion issue.’ A spokesperson for the UCD for Fair Representation group said they would prefer if the options in the referendum were limited to just two, to either keep the current pro-choice chance to adopt a neutral position. But it will be the returning officer of the UCD SU who will choose the wording and number of options.

Donal Lynch of the group said that “the main thing would be to get a referendum on it, so the students could decide.”

It is believed the group have now submitted their petition to the UCD Students’ Union.


Jack Power  |  Editor