A new clubhouse bar has opened on campus a year after the old UCD Student Bar was forced to close its doors after financial difficulty. The Clubhouse is located beside the UCD Students’ Centre and is open to customers seven days a week.

The UCD Clubhouse bar had been under construction for an extended period of time, sovaldi during which it suffered a number of setbacks. In September 2012 the building company that was carrying out the construction work, case Noel Thompson Builders Limited, was allegedly declared insolvent, halting building work on the site.

The Clubhouse is currently being managed by Rubikon Management Consultants who are based in Galway. According to their website they offer “specialist advice and support to the hospitality industry and create, implement and manage cost effective strategies that provide measurable results and value” to their clients.

UCD Students’ Union President Mícheál Gallagher, who sits on the Clubhouse committee along with representatives of the various sports clubs and UCD’s Director of Student Services, has stated that “the SU plan on working closely with the Clubhouse to bring the best entertainment to their membership for the best value. We are looking forward to creating a positive relationship with them and the feedback even from orientation has been quite good. Students are quite happy with their new social hub.”

The clubhouse will make up for the loss of the UCD Students Bar which was forced to close on June 15th 2012 after long-term financial difficulties. The bar staff, some of whom had worked in the bar for almost 25 years, accepted redundancy. However, there were delays in the payment of an estimated €215,000 in redundancy payments.