Candidates and supporters in the Fitzgerald Chamber. Image via UCDSU.

While the General Election may be dominating national press coverage, an election much closer to home is on the horizon. That’s right; Student Union elections are nigh, with nominations for positions closing Monday.

The position of President is seeing a nicely contested field, with three people throwing their hats into the ring. Current Graduate Officer Hazel Beattie has put her name forward, but she is not the only one with sabbatical experience in the mix. 2014/15 Education Officer Amy Fox is also in the mix, creating a candidate pool with strong campaign knowledge. While not versed in sabbatical office, Conor Viscardi, the final candidate for the position, is not without form. The history and geography student is the current Arts College Officer.

The offices of Education and Graduate are the only two that are uncontested. Lexi Kilmartin, a politics & history student, is running for the position of Education, spring-boarding from her current role as Human Sciences’ Officer. Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development student Cian Casey is taking on the role of Graduate Officer. Currently Cian works as Public Relations Officer for UCD Macra na Ferime.

Campaigns & Communications, an office reintroduced at last year’s elections, has attracted three contenders. Veterinary student Sam Blanckensee has a strong background in campaigns. He was the LGBT Co-Ordinator for the SU for two years, as well being a Board Member for Transgender Equality Network Ireland. Luke Fitzpatrick, an information and social computing student, has been working with the UCD Ents team over the past year. Law student Ryan Oakes is the last in this category. Ryan is the current Business and Law College Officer.

And last but not least we have Welfare, a position that draws a lot of attention from voters & media alike. Midwifery student Róisín O’Mara will be running against Seamus Carroll.  In formation on the backgrounds of both candidates was unavailable as we went to print.

Keep an eye out on these candidates over the next few weeks; their manifestos will be popping up and they will be out canvassing. Figure out who suits your vote and exercise your voting rights.

  • Una Power, Editor
    This article originally appeared in Volume 29 Issue 8, published February 16th 2016