It’s UCDSU Election season and those Instagram follower request notifications from hopeful candidates are about to start pouring in, but who is running? The College Tribune reached out to all of the UCDSU to find out whether they believe UCD should make a statement on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Keep your eyes peeled for the candidates on rejoining USI and the two referenda!

If you are uncertain about who each of the candidates are, check out our candidate profiles here.

The UCDSU candidates as follows (Left to Right) Miranda Bauer, Marc Matouc, Jacob Miller, Daniel Devey, Kylie McCardel, Naomhán Mhaonaigh, Ciara Donohue, Tia Cullen, Simon Van Beek, Shauna Young, Saskia McCormack-Eiffe, Neo O’Herlihy.

The UCDSU candidates were asked: “Do you think UCD is doing enough to address the Israel/Palestine conflict?”

UCDSU President

Miranda Bauer – “Not in the slightest. Many groups on campus have been asking for a very specific set of demands for months now. 1. Call for a Ceasefire. 2. Cut ties with Israeli institutions and corporations. 3. UCD President to meet with members of BDS. 4. Open pathways for Palestinian students who are looking to evacuate Gaza and the West Bank. None of these basic, humanitarian demands have been met.”

Marc Matouc – “I don’t think UCD have been vocal enough on the current conflict. I believe more work needs to be done. I am for a peaceful resolution.”


Tia Cullen – “UCD has not taken a stance on the ongoing genocide in Palestine, citing that UCD does not take a stance on political issues. However, UCD made a statement on the conflict in Ukraine. UCD should take a stance condemning the ongoing genocide and call for a permanent ceasefire, as well as disaffiliating with all Israeli Academic Institutions.”

Naomhán Mhaonaigh – “Absolutely not. I think we need a statement from the president saying that UCD stands with Palestine and condemn the actions of Israel. Cut ties with the universities that we are currently collaborating with in Israel and support the BDS movement the across the University. UCD was able to condemn Russia when they invaded Ukraine and yet somehow now say they never take a stance on political issues. Not condemning the actions of Israel now is extremely hypocritical and extremely disappointing.”


Ciara Donohue – “No, I do not believe that UCD is doing enough to address the conflict. I think that it is clear that the majority of students at the university stand in support of the Palestinian people and an immediate ceasefire. UCD should cut all ties with Israeli universities that we are engaged in research with and release a statement in full support of a ceasefire, to reflect the student body’s views. As the welfare officer, I would work with the campaigns and engagement officer to ensure that we continue to hold protests and demonstrations in the university until our demands are met.”

Shauna Young – “The work done by the UCD BDS movement has been incredible this year, but UCD itself is not doing enough to address the conflict, considering our university’s president won’t take a stance for fear of stirring the pot, so to say. I really want to work on pressuring UCD to speak up about it, as if the students and the SU are speaking up on it, then the university should be too.”

UCDSU Israel Palestine Protest in conjunction with UCD BDS - Photo by Hugh Dooley, The College Tribune
UCDSU Israel Palestine Protest – Photo by Hugh Dooley, The College Tribune

Jacob Miller – “No. The UCD president’s comments on the conflict have been insufficient. In contravention of international law, the state of Israel is engaged in the collective punishment of a civilian population. Such behaviour should be condemned by UCD and ongoing research collaborations with Israeli institutions should be suspended.”


Simon Van Beek – “I believe UCD should do at least a statement about the Middle Eastern conflict calling for a ceasefire and criticizing the genocide and famine that is currently happening. I had a Palestine critical position in the beginning of the conflict based on my German news background. I changed my position based on the Irish influence I experienced since the beginning of the conflict.”

Kylie McCardel – “UCD students are doing what they can to support Palestine. However, the lack of a response or stance on the part of the UCD President is unacceptable.”


Daniel Devey – “I think we have done a considerable amount to show our support towards Palestine, but it is evident that we can obviously do more, I want to liaise with Campaigns on this if possible.”

Neo O’Herlihy – “Personally, I don’t think UCD is doing enough to address the Israel/Palestine conflict. The student voice has been quite vocal in how they feel about it. While the email sent out by the UCD President provided support contacts for students affected by what’s going on, which is important, the students are asking the college to call for a ceasefire and a complete academic boycott.”


Saskia McCormack-Eiffe – “While there are many academics who have voiced their support for Palestine and wish to help the university as a whole is failing to make a proper stance on the situation, for all we have been seeing in the media of what is currently happening in not just Gaza but the West Bank, and for one statement being made by the president of the University is not good enough, if the University can show support for Ukraine when they were invaded in 2022 they can show support for Palestine who are and have been undergoing violence and displacement for over 70 years. I think the work being done by the SU at the minute by supporting the UCD BDS and creating the conversations around the conflict is working and it is a huge concern of students that is being addressed by the SU.”

Hugh Dooley – Co-Editor