With style icons like Alexa Chung, Jennifer Lawerence Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks sporting the long bob, this look has rocketed to the top of everyone’s trend radar. The red carpet shows the ‘do off for its sexiness, femininity and maturity. It subtly cuts off at the collar bone emphasises a lady-like frame and draws the eye naturally toward the face and the smile.

This look can be worn in a messy, edgy fashion or in a sleek, polished and professional way. The versatility is exactly what every young woman needs in her transition from going out with friends to interviewing for competitive internships. It gives a new, defined look while leaving enough hair to play with and style. Cleary, this cut was meant for our busy, changing lifestyles.

As students, we all aspire to reach our highest potential and to shape ourselves into the people we want to be. As we go through our years in university, the image we have of ourselves changes. We think about our look and our image more, as well as transforming our minds. We realise now that, more and more, beauty is what we make it and standing out from the crowd is a powerful statement. Taking a risk by cutting our hair from the long locks we had for our debs can be scary, but this is the age for us to take chances like that. To leap into the new and unknown, and to have confidence in our ability to rock anything.

– Emily Kielthy