The Independent Appeals and Disciplinary Board (IADB) has overruled the decision of the Executive meaning that the sabbatical officers cannot take annual leave meaning they cannot campaign for the impeachment of UCDSU President Katie Ascough. Rob Sweeney, Barry Murphy and Niall Torris had announced on Monday night that they were to take annual leave from Tuesday in order to campaign for the impeachment of Katie Ascough.

In a statement on Facebook, Graduate Officer Niall Torris said “We won’t see you at lectures or polling today as our leave has been cancelled. IADB overruled The Executives decision as is their right by the constitution. OUR views remain the same and PLEASE #VoteYES, but we must now refrain from commenting”.

According to the University Observer, the issue arose as officers began campaigning the day after taking annual leave. This is seen as a problem by IADB as they were not given a week’s notice before the sabbatical officers began campaign. Even though the sabbatical officers wished to take unpaid leave, IADB said that the constitution doesn’t differentiate between paid and unpaid leave.

This decision by the sabbatical officers to take annual leave and then have it rejected will have no impact on the validity of the referendum as the officers ceased campaigning when asked to by IADB.

Voting begins today in the impeachment referendum and will carry on until 8pm tomorrow evening. A result is expected by tomorrow evening.

Rachel O’Neill – Editor


One thought on “Sabbatical Officer’s Annual Leave Rejected

  1. The withdrawal when asked in my view is a fig-leaf when considered in the context of the referendum validity. Their actions were clearly publicised extensively on a particular side of the vote.There must be a question of what effect if any that might have had

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