The Internet community suffered an incredible loss this week, cialis sale as Rooster Teeth animator Monty Oum passed away on the 1st of February. Monty was best-known for the popular animated web series RWBY (pronounced “ruby”), which tells the story of four protagonists struggling to find order in a world full of corruption and monsters. The series ran for two seasons, and a third was planned to go ahead previous to its creator’s death. Monty is also well-known for the series Red Vs. Blue (or RvB).

Monty was only 33 when he suffered an allergic reaction while undergoing surgery, and fell into a coma from which he never recovered. Loyal fans have flocked to the Rooster Teeth homepage to pay their respects to the animator, expressing their sorrow at this great loss to the Rooster Teeth community, and sharing their grief.

When it became clear that Monty had entered into a critical condition, a donation page was started online to help with his medical expenses. Supporters did not hesitate to contribute, and the website raised over $150,000 in just 24 hours, $100,000 of which was raised in only four hours.

The Rooster Teeth community are being asked to use their creativity in order to express their feelings towards the animator’s passing, on asking fans to “Use your imagination to make the world a better place in any way that you can. If you know Monty like we do, then you know he would certainly be doing that if he were able to.”

Written by Niamh Crosbie