There is a very special exhibition currently going on at the National Museum of Ireland, for sale Collins Barracks. Pals: The Irish in Gallipoli is an intense theatrical performance in which the audience is taken into the lives of the 7th Battalion of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers as they leave Dublin for the Turkish front during the First World War. The 7th Battalion was primarily comprised of middle class Dubliners, many of whom were surgeons, lawyers, and other professionals. Their battalion was brought together by their love of sports, particularly rugby.

The performances are truly intense and immersive. Through this it allows the audience to understand the near unimaginable horror that these young Irish men experienced on the hot, bloody beaches of Gallipoli.

The performance is produced by ANU productions and it is directed by Louise Lowe. The performances will run from the 4th of February to the 30th of April. They will run Wednesday to Saturday at 11am, 12pm, 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm. It will also run on Sundays at 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm. The performance can be booked online from their website ( and it only costs €5. It should also be noted that it is suitable for ages 15 and over, and that the production contains flashing lights and loud noises.

Pals: The Irish at Gallipoli is currently running in conjunction with a new exhibition, Recovering Voices: The Stories of the Irish at War, 1914-15. The exhibition contains many objects and personal items from Irish men and women during the period of the First World War. I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to experience this powerful show and to book quickly as the tickets are selling out fast.

Written by Cillian Fearon