Following a number of thefts, students in on-campus Residences have been advised to “close all windows, lock your doors and do not leave any doors on the latch!” in an e-mail sent by the Manager of Residential Services Richard Brierley.

One student who lives in the Belgrove Residences told the College Tribune that his apartment was burgled between the hours of 8pm and 9pm on Thursday 22nd of March.  His and one of his housemate’s rooms were both open. The thief took his laptop, mobile phone, suit, and a savings card.  The first year is unsure of insurance will cover the loss of his valuables.

Brierley informed the Tribune that incidents are “being investigated by the Gardaí who are following up a number of leads, and Residential Assistants, Security, and Campus Services are actively monitoring the Residences.”

Following reports that Residences Services allegedly had a photograph of the thief, the College Tribune sought access to the image. It was neither confirmed nor denied that a photograph existed nor was a statement given on why, if it existed, such an image would not be released to the student body.

Conor Fox

News Editor