A study of European cities has labelled Dublin as the 18th best place to study abroad.

The study found that Dublin has the third highest average price of a pint and the highest average price of a 1-bedroom apartment at €1,933 of any city centre in Europe.

The study, which was based on data from the Times Higher Education ranking and from TripAdvisor, was compiled by travel advisors MovingToSpain.The top five cities to study abroad in, according to the data, were:

1. Maastricht in the Netherlands

2. Prague in the Czech Republic

,3. Valencia in Spain

4. Innsbruck in Austria

5. Logrono in Spain

Dublin was listed as the 18th best place to study, falling down the ranking poorly on the price of alcohol and the average cost of rent.Despite ranking outside the top 10 locations, Dublin was the most searched destination for study, with a total of 27,000 searches last year according to data from Google.

While the top ranking cities to study in had 1-bedroom apartments available at a price of around €260 per month, Braganca, Portugal; Dublin was the most expensive in the top 20 locations.

You’d be doing well to get a 1-bed in Dublin city centre for €260 per week!Varna, Bulgaria at €333 per month was the second most affordable apartment, followed by Ilmenau, Germany at €350 per month for a city centre apartment.

Most importantly to students, the study also analysed the price of alcohol, measured by the pint. Unsurprisingly, Dublin ranked poorly on this score – being an expensive place for students to go out partying.The average price of a pint of local beer in Dublin came in at €6.00 each.

This was the third most expensive pint in the top 20 but rated highly as a city to go to nightclubs in, with an average of 23.53 nightclubs per 100,000 people.Overall, Dublin received a score of 5.64 out of 10 on the studies own rating metric, with cost of living factors driving down the city’s score in the metric.

Hugh Dooley – Co-Editor