The election for the position of Auditor in LawSoc is due to take place on February 15th. Three candidates, prostate Paul Hutchinson, treat Sinéad Rooney and Chris Lee are running for the position.

All three candidates recently resigned from committee in a flurry of controversy that engulfed LawSoc. Paul Hutchinson told the College Tribune that he felt that he has “have lost any trust or loyalty with Francis.” It is believed that Francis McNamara, current LawSoc auditor sent an e-mail to one of the candidates advising them to run against the others. Rooney understands that Francis had no malicious intent in sending the e-mails, “however, what has since ensued has certainly not benefitted the society.”

Hutchinson stated to the Tribune that he “wants people to know that things have been difficult this year … we inherited a €17,000 loss … but I am continuing to do the accounts.”

Lee informed the College Tribune that his “personal resignation was based on an e-mail between me and the auditor. I also resigned out of solidarity with Hutch.”

Lee was the last of the candidates to declare that they were running for this election. He says “I was originally supporting Sinéad but the relationship with myself and other people on Sinéad’s campaign deteriorated.” Sinéad’s feelings towards Chris haven’t changed, “his decision to contest this election again is completely fine with me and I hold no ill feelings towards him. I’m looking forward to a good, clean race.” Hutchinson is of the opinion that “anyone who backs a candidate and then enters the race themselves must have their credibility questioned”.

Originally Lee approached Rooney requesting a prominent position on her committee, “the logic in my mind was that I’m the most experienced person in LawSoc bar anyone”. She denied that request; stating that she “won’t be pressured”.

All candidates are aware that there is a perception that LawSoc may seem too exclusive and Hutchinson’s belief is that the members play just as pivotal a role and that the “committee shouldn’t be seen as superior to the members.” He wants to promote LawSoc as a society that is not just for debaters but admits that it “needs debaters”.

Lee states that LawSoc is “desperate to get first years involved”. One of the main policies in Lee’s manifesto is an idea of deputies and seniors, “when a 1st year wants to get involved next year they can become the deputy of a committee member.” He also believes that faculty bonding has fallen by the wayside this session and this is something he wishes to promote.

Rooney agrees and says, “Somewhere along the way, the society stopped being about the students and turned into this introvert thing, unfortunately obsessed with itself. I want to bring the society back to the students … [where] they feel like the events are their own”.

With the election less than two weeks away all candidates have their campaigns underway with the hope of becoming the next auditor of LawSoc. The next auditor will officially take up position on February 16th as per constitutional requirements.

Peter Hamilton