The College Tribune can confirm that Dolores Cahill is no longer an employee of University College Dublin.

After 16 years in UCD, the outspoken and controversial lecturer has parted ways with Ireland’s university. Originally reported by, Cahill has been removed from the online UCD staff directory and is no longer listed as a staff member on the UCD website.

Image Credit: Stephen Kisbey-Green.

Following this report, independent inquiries made to sources close to the story have established that Cahill is no longer an employee of UCD. Dolores Cahill did not respond to comment before the publishing of this article, any response received by The College Tribune from Cahill will be published subsequently.

Speaking to The College Tribune, UCDSU President Ruairí Power said; “We are delighted to finally see the back of Prof. Cahill and her dangerous pseudoscientific quackery. Her peddling of misinformation significantly undermined her UCD
colleagues’ efforts to control the spread of Covid-19 in Ireland. Her (unsuccessful) attempts to whip up fear and hatred for personal political gain were an affront to the efforts of frontline hospital & contact tracing staff, including the students we represent.”

UCD has declined to comment on the nature of Cahill’s departure from their employment, though her separation comes after the Independent reported that Cahill had informed the university of her intention to retire at the end of
the previous academic year during which she had no teaching output in the college.

Hugh Dooley – News Editor